I’m sure every mom has felt frazzled, disorganized and overwhelmed with work life balance?

How can moms put enough time into their career and balance the demands of family?

Is there a way to balance both?

Four Steps to Finding Work and Life Balance


We all experience demands on our time, and it takes all our energy. Taking care of yourself usually comes last, since you put everyone else first. You might not be eating well, staying hydrated, and spending quality me-time.

Me-time is important to maintain your own identity and not just be someone’s Mom.

When you have small children, you might find it hard to find the time for me-time. Here are some ways to find time to take up a new hobby:

  • Swap time with other moms
  • Use nap times
  • Get up earlier
  • Use your family to babysit


There are some life hacks you can do to help make life more simple.

  • Prepare double the quantity you need at meal times and put extra in the freezer.
  • Outsource where you can. This can include house cleaning, business tasks if you own your own business, etc.
  • Try decluttering your home. You save time and stress when it comes to finding stuff when you aren’t under a ton of clutter.


Life is always better when you organize! Find the best time for you to plan your day or week and start on your biggest task.

As you start your day, check that you have everything you will need and double check it.

Lists are awesome.  Writing down your list lightens the demands on your brain to remember everything. Putting them on your phone can help keep them handy and able to change easily.


Keep your intentions by concentrating on it, whatever it is.

Do your best, most focused work with no interruptions. Have real quality family time with no work creeping in at the edges. Take measures by turning phone off and all other distractions.

Make this time to figure out your priorities. Since you have very limited time to give each part of your life, you need to concentrate on the actions that will make the biggest impact on your goals.

Leave with this…

None of us are perfect. Things will go wrong from time to time. Don’t beat yourself up, just know that you are doing the best you can.

What suggestions do you have to balance life and work? Comment below!