You’ve made it through your baby’s first year, now it’s time to celebrate their first year with a memorable birthday party. Being a  first-time mom, you might be wondering how to plan baby’s special day. This guide will help you through the planning of 1st birthday.

10 Steps to Take to Plan Your Baby’s 1st Birthday

Choose a Venue- The venue depends on your budget and how many guests you plan on inviting. Try not to go overboard. Instead of choosing the most expensive place, put that extra cost into a savings account for your baby’s future.

Outfit for baby– There are so many adorable outfits out there to choose from! Choose one that coordinates with them colors.


Party decorations- You will need to buy napkins, cups, plates, forks, spoons, knives. Don’t forget balloons, banners, wall decorations, and table cloth.



Cake-You can have fun choosing the right cake for your little one. There are many affordable places you can find that make great cakes. Try Walmart or Target.


Food-  Choose what kinda of food you will be serving. American, Chinese, and Mexican are some choices.


Guest List– Think about who you want to invite like family and close friends. Prepare the guest list and start writing invites.

Birthday invitations–Now that you have the list together, send out your birthday invitations and have RSVP date.


Budget– How much are you willing to spend on this?

Deciding the theme– There are many themes to choose from.


Photography– If you want to use a photographer, consider asking a friend or family member to take photos of the event.

What do you serve at a birthday party?

  • Finger foods- Examples are fruits cut into bite-size pieces, mini hamburgers, mini sandwiches, or hot dogs.
  • Pizza
  • Desserts
  • Mini muffins
  • Cake
  • Drinks

Best gift ideas for 1 year old.

Some of the things to do during party:


  1. Kids Games– Some of the games to play are coloring pictures, guess who scrambled words and sentences.
  2. Socializing with family and friends- This is a way to connect with family and have an engaging conversation. You can also learn more about them and plan future activities.
  3. Musical night– Play some kid’s music so the kids are entertained.
  4. Cutting Cake– You can buy the cake based on a theme or just order a cake. Some of the common cake flavors are vanilla, chocolate, and marble. If you buy the cake from a bakery they will have more options. Another option is to have your baker friend make a cake for your baby’s birthday.