Now is this the perfect time to review the importance of hand washing with the Coronavirus on the rise and constantly in the news. At our daycare, we do a “stop and wash” every hour, followed by hand sanitizer. The only way to keep germs at bay is  through washing hands in warm water with soap for 30 seconds. It’s important to teach kids to properly wash hands, but it isn’t always easy!

One way I’ve found helpful for better and longer handwashing is through songs. I’m sure that you’ve heard around the internet different ideas people have come up with to get their child to wash their hands longer. I’ve scoured the internet and found some fun  handwashing ideas for kids and I’m sharing with you today!

Hand Washing Songs

Here are 4 hand washing songs from Teaching Mama. Click here to download.

The first song is set to the tune of Row, Row, Row Your Boat. It’s very simple and kids catch onto it quickly!

The next one is a rhythmic chant. Kids love this one! It takes about 30 seconds to chant, which helps with washing hands longer.

The third song is Tops and Bottoms. This song is to the tune of Are You Sleeping? This one is great for reminding kids to use soap all around, in between fingers and on the tops and bottoms of hands.

The forth song is to the tune of The More We Get Together.

Teaching them about Hand Washing

Here’s a fun printable from Childhood 101. Click here to visit and download.

Helping children to understand why washing our hands is essential is as important as teaching them the proper technique for cleaning them properly. And often, when children understand the why, they are more inclined to actually comply with the when and how. This includes a printable poster!

Growing Germs

I found this one at Play dough to Plato.

You can peek your child’s interest in washing hands by showing them what germs look like.

This simple kids’ science experiment uses an apple and your child’s own germs to show little ones just how important hand washing is.

Hand Washing Activity for Kids

Confidence Meets Parenting had this hand washing idea.

This activity can show your little one how germs can stay on hands if not throughly washed. I think you could do this daily so they can see where they missed?

Mini Printable Book

Mini hand washing coloring book from Simply Kinder.

We are printing this one out today! Kids love to color and make their own little books. This tiny guide is perfect for them to refer to when they “forget” the importance of washing hands.

Hope these help make handwashing easier and more fun for your kids!