April Newsletter

Welcome to April! I hope that families are holding together during this trying time. I was sad to see a few families give up their spots, but I’m so grateful for everyone else for hanging in there so I can stay in business. I am staying hopeful that we are almost over the hump and that they everyone will be back to work soon!

Anyway, I’m excited to announce that April will be Art Month! We will be doing lots of crafts, so be prepared to see just how creative your little one is!

Daycare Hours

If you could please pick up your child by closing (5:30), I would appreciate it, so I may enjoy those precious few hours a night with my family. 🙂


Easter-we will still have our Easter egg hunt the Friday before Easter.

Time Off

Our concert on June 5th is postpone as of now, so I will let you know new date.


If your child has a fever, upset stomach, or just plain not feeling well enough to come, please keep them home so you do not spread it to others.

We are all doing extra washing hands and practicing not coughing on each other. They are all doing a really good job!


We are working on writing our names and math.

Outdoor Play

Remember, please send them in clothes that you don’t mind getting dirty. It’s been SO muddy out! Please dress for outdoor play in regards to the temp as well.

Recipe of the Month

Enjoy your month!