I know the COVID19 has hit everyone in different ways. Daycares have quietly been effected. You don’t hear on the news about how some had to close, and other daycares are still hanging on barely, not knowing each week if they’ll lose another family’s fees.

For those who are still open, many might have temporary older kids as well. It may be hard to find activities to do to make everyone happy. Trust me, it’s been hard entertaining all the ages. We’ve gone through all the activities I had on hand-I’ve found that the older ones get bored fast. They also tend to break things more than younger kids!

I found some activities that the toddlers and the older children were entertained. Below are 5 fun things for most ages in your daycare.

Scavenger Hunt

Everyone likes scavenger hunts-even adults! The great thing is, even if you are stuck inside, you can still have one. I found some scavenger hunt printables online you can print here and here.

Doodle Drawing

There’s a little artist in all of us, and all ages have fun doodling.

Stock up on big drawing pads like this one from The Dollar Tree and get free shipping using this code. Or, order some from Amazon.

Art Journaling

Journals are not strictly for writing, nor are they purely for art…. they are a combination of both and more. They are place to keep your ideas, to experiment, to collect, to share and to be inspired.

Here are some of the ways we use our journals:

For Drawings and Art.
I’ve found that the older kids are constantly drawing something and before we started our journals we would go through ream after ream of paper. This can get messy and I’m sure parents are tired of finding them around their home. Now, when they are looking for something to draw on they reach for their journals (with occasional reminders) and all those papers are no longer hiding under the couch, nor are precious drawings accidentally ending up in the rubbish bin.

For Collections.
A feather, an interesting leaf, a flower to press, a collection of apple stickers, a stamp, a postcard… now all of these random things that my kids LOVE to collect and keep have a home.

Sometimes the journaling happens quietly, on their own, sometimes it is a major creative event with the table piled high with supplies.

  • Writing pencils and an eraser
  • Letter stickers
  • Letter stamps
  • Water colour paints (they dry quickly so pages are less likely to stick together)
  • Markers, coloured pencils, oil pastels
  • Old photos, magazines, printable resources.
  • Glue stick.

Draw Your Own Postcard

These draw your own postcards are quite simple – just a printable postcard with a postage friendly back, and space for drawing on the front. Simple, but with endless possibilities for creativity and learning.

free printable draw your own postcard template here.

Contact Paper Mandalas

To make your own contact paper mandalas you’ll need:

  • Contact/Self adhesive paper.
  • Tissue paper cut into various shapes
  • Sequins
  • Mandala template (optional)

Cut out different shapes using the tissue paper and stick them on to contact paper. cut it out and hang it on the window.