Welcome to July!

This summer is going by fast! I am so happy to have the chance to care for the school aged children that come back every summer. We have lots planned and the kids are helping to have special days too. I’ll be sad when school starts back up again.


July 4th -closed July 3rd (regular pay week)


We are going to do lots of water fun. I’ll give notice when we need swimsuits. Please send in play clothes because we will be outside every day and I would like them to not have to worry about not getting dirty. 🙂

Carnival Day

We are doing our annual Carnival Day this summer! This will be on July 6th unless it rains. We have games and prizes and lots of fun for them! If you can, please send a “carnival” style treat. (8) on that day! I will send out a reminder close to the day.


I still have openings that will be coming up for August. If you know anyone looking, they can start now.

Recipe of the Month

Candy Dots with Kool-Aid


Candy Dots with Kool-Aid