If you’re used to having to deal with a messy toddler, maybe some of these hacks will help with keeping snack time a little more contained!

1.) Make Fro-Yo Bites

You can freeze your yogurt with smashed fruit in it into the tiny ice treys to make the perfect toddler snack without the mess of regular yogurt

2.) Frozen Grapes

One of my kids favorite snacks are frozen grapes, they’re super easy to make and they’re delicious!

3.) Bite Size No mess Mini Tortilla Pizza

If you want a snack that’s similar, but less messing than pizza rolls, try these bite size mini tortilla pizzas. Our daycare kids love them!

4.) Slow Cooker Chex Mix

If you want a snack that your kid can keep around for a while, but doesn’t take much to cook, try this slow cooker chex mix, they’ll love it!

5.) Make Banana Ice Cream

You can blend up your bananas with some milk and make the texture of ice cream, a perfectly healthy snack that your little ones will love!

6.) Leave Applesauce Closed and Stick a Straw In

If you’re tired of how applesauce keeps getting everywhere, leave the lid on and stick a straw through the top for the perfect snack for your toddler

7.) Use a Command Hook To Put Bibs on the Back of a High Chair

If you’ve got your toddler in their high char, be sure to keep a command hook on the back with bibs stored on it, it’s super handy to have around and saves a ton of mess!

8.) Stick a Cupcake Liner Under a Popsicle

You can use a cupcake liner under your toddlers Popsicle to keep it from getting EVERYWHERE

9.) Turn a Mason Jar Into a Snack Dispenser

We use mason jars for such projects as a piggy bank. Another use is for a snack jar, so your little one doesn’t pour out they’re whole snack at once, make your own snack dispenser using a mason jar.

10.) Frozen Yogurt Melts

You can make these great Frozen Yogurt Melts, they’re the perfect bite size snack for toddlers and they’re healthy!

11.) Make Your Own Fruit Roll Ups

You can make your own fruit roll ups for your kids, they’ll love it and they can even help you make them!

12.) Mini PB&J Finger Foods

Make PB&J Finger Foods for your little ones by cutting out fun shapes out of their sandwiches, they’re perfectly sized bites!

13.) Make a Frozen Capri Sun

Freeze your capri suns and then cut off the tops so your toddler can eat it with a spoon, like a slushie

14.) Eggo Waffle Snack Time Skewers

These delicious eggo waffle snack time skewers are easy for mom to make and your toddler will definitely enjoy them!

15.) Make Frozen Fruit Pops

These Watermelon Banana Fruit Pops are almost no mess for the kids to eat and they’re super cute, the little ones are guaranteed to love them!