Denise Austin is my best friend when it comes to excerising. I’ve used different workout dvds and I’ve always found her workouts to be the best.

A big problem for most women is the tummy. I’ve found these three tummy exercises that Denise does that work the best for me, and they are easy as well!

Suck it in

To do this tummy exercise, just place one hand on your stomach and suck in your stomach as you exhale.  Hold the abdominal muscles, but don’t hold your breath — breathe as normal. Hold for one minute and repeat three times.

Single Leg Stance

Balance on one leg, using your abdominals and glutes to balance your body. To do this, bend your right knee and lift your right leg no more than 6 inches off the floor. Stand like this for  15 seconds before  switching legs. Repeat the exercise about three times on each leg.

Torso Twist

(30 seconds): For this exercise simple exercise,  all you do is twist from side to side, letting your arms swing freely. Contract your abdominal muscles as you twist.