In our part of the world, it’s been below zero temps and snow every other day! We had no choice but to stay inside for a couple of weeks now. There has been a lot of energy not being released with outdoor playtime, so we’ve developed an exercise routine for the little ones while we are couped up during the day.


Exercise can be fun for little ones if you get creative by using music, or even making it a fun game. Here are several ideas to make exercising fun for your children of all ages.

Use music.

Turn on a favorite children’s song and have your children move to the music. Have them flap their arms and twirl around to the beat of the song.

Play music and have kids “freeze” when you turn off music, then start dancing again when the music is turned back on.

Make it a game.

We have colored mats on our floor, so I call out a color and the kids run to that colored mat square.

Make flash cards with different exercises written on them. The children can draw a card and then everyone does that exercise.

Make it a learning lesson.

Incorporate learning with exercise. Look up a wild animal on the computer and then have your children act out the animal and bounce, run or flap their arms (depending what kind of animal) around the room.