Over the years of running my daycare, I have had many pets. Cats. Dogs. Rabbits. etc. Some pets are kept away, and some are such “people” animals, we were comfortable allowing them around the children. If you run a daycare and you have pets, you need make sure that your daycare is safe from any hazards pets may cause.


Some tips on keeping children safe when you have pets:

  • After children touch an animal, wash hands right away to help prevent illness.
  • Always wash hands right after handling animal’s food, and/or their habitats.
  • Adults should always supervise children around pets.
  • Use hand sanitizers.
  • Never allow young children to put their hands in their mouth while interacting with animals.
  • If animals have a tendency to bite, keep animals in enclosed cages or under appropriate restraints.
  •  Clean and disinfect all areas where animals have been present.

There is no need to not have a family pet just because you run a daycare in your home. A pet can be a great learning experience for the children and can even help with socializing. Just be sure to use common sense and don’t allow either the pet, or children to be in harms way.