Field trips are a fun part of running a daycare. It gives you a chance to get the children out of the same routine and a change of scenery. It can also be a learning experience as well. Depending where you live, there are different fun and educational places to plan.


Here are a few trip ideas:

1) The Park:

Every child loves parks. A park is a great place to gets out in the fresh air and get exercise. Pick a park that has a playground for children to get a chance to play. Our park has a duck pond as well, so the children can feed the ducks bread pieces and learn how they live.

2) The Firehouse:

Many daycare providers don’t know that they can tour a firehouse. How fun! Kids love the big red fire trucks and checking out a fire house. Call up your local firehouse and set up a time to come.

3) The grocery store:

 Grocery stores have group tours all the time and would love to take little kids around. Ours has a nutrionist that will talk to the kids about eating healthy. Call your grocery store and ask!

4) The Beach:

If you live by a beach, plan a day to play in the sand. make sure to bring plenty of sunblock and floaties.

5) Out to Eat:

If you have a small group of children, take them to a resturant. Let them order for themselves and feel like big kids. Teach them about tips, how to act when out and even about leaving tips.

6) The Library:

Local libraries have many activities that are going on all the time. Ours has a morning preschool reading time that is perfect for the little ones. If yours doesn’t have a reading time, you can always just make your own. Call your library to find out if they have reading time, craft time, or other activities.

7) A Museum:

Children’s museums are the spot for field trips. They are geared towards children of course, so it makes it easy to plan a day there. Find out if they have special rates for large groups to save money. 

8) Zoo:

I’m sure that you’ve either thought about or have gone to the zoo with your kids before, but did you know they have special events that go on during the year? Check out their website around holidays or off season times for fun events.

9) Bike Path:

You don’t have to justride bikes on the bike path. Take a walk and bring lunch to eat when you take a break. We like to to a scavenger hunt to do along the way as well.

10) A Construction site:

This would be an interesting field trip to take if you live near an area where new houses are going up. Kids would have fun watching big trucks and all the movement. Be sure to ask ahead of time if they allow young children on site.