When you run a daycare, you see a lot of tantrums, fighting over toys, just plain misbehaving. It can be frustrating, and it takes a lot of patience to deal with it on a daily basis.

Over the years,  I’ve figured out that children must challenge everything to figure out how to make things work. The biggest being, testing parents limits. So, don’t worry, your child’s misbehaving is a normal phase in life and is actually a sign of independence.

It is also normal for parents to react to this behavior in  an unhealthy and noneffective way, such as using fear as a weapon. Don’t worry or feel bad if you have tried to instill fear when disiplining your child.


Learn to listen to what your child is really saying to you when they act up with these tips:

They just want  your attention. Sometimes children might get  bored, anxious, tired or uncomfortable, so they act up to be  heard. Sit them down and find out what is bothering them and offer a solution. And then do it. If you promise and don’t deliver, they won’t trust you and next time they act up, they won’t believe what you tell them.

Children may not know what is expected of them. Sometimes, parents (especially first time) might have unrealistic expectations about how child should behave and even expect the child themselves to know. Understanding what a child is capable of for their age can help to understand why a child acts out. ere beyond their age levels.

Children learn bad behaviors from parents. I always think back to the commercial that takes place on the street where a car cuts off a mom and her daughter and the daughter jumps out of the car says, “I got this” and tells off the driver. Your children learn by watching YOU. Change your behaviors if you want to them to change.