Any business these days that doesn’t take advantage of social media is missing out-daycare providers included.  There are so many ways to get free advertising online and it’s so easy to market your business.

Facebook has grown over the years with almost everyone on it. Heck, even your grandma probably has a page. Fan pages are popular with businesses as well, with the whole “like me” fad. Daycares can utilize this as well by creating a fan page for clients as well as future clients.

For Existing Clients:

  • Update your daily status with any activities you are planning for the day, closing early or opening late reminders, photos (with permission), etc. comes in handy for parents.
  • You can use the event calendar option for reminders to parents about future field trips too.
  • Parents can leave comments as well to let you know they will be late or early.

Future Clients:

  • Ask other local child related businesses if they will “like” your page and vice versa. This can spread your business name across your city to parents that might be looking for care in  your area and not know that you exist.
  • You can use your Facebook page to hold an open house for potential parents using the event calendar option.
  • By staying active with status updates, potential parents can get to know your business activities to see if your daycare is what they are looking for.

I’m not a big social Facebook user and mainly use the business side of it and it’s brought me many clients for all my businesses.

And guess what? It hasn’t cost me a dime! 🙂