I was looking forward to a three day weekend of cookouts, working outside in the backyard, and going to the farmers market. Of course, it rained. Instead, we spent the last day of the holiday weekend sucking all the water that got in our basement. Yuck.

Since I wasn’t able to go outside, I took advantage of having time to look on Pinterest and get ideas for recorating our house. I still haven’t been able to redo our bedroom yet, since I’ve been busy redoing our downstairs and my youngest room.

My inspiration for our bedroom are these.

I found this at Hobby Lobby.

Yellow and Grey Bird

I got this super cheap at Target.

grey throw blanket


I like the idea of being totally different from my normal choice of safe colors; brown and black, so I’m going with yellow, white and grey. I’ve been getting brighter items for the house and I even changed to white curtains-so not like me!

So, I plan on getting our bedroom finished by next weekend (so excited!) and I’ll post the before and after photos. I think I will even include a little giveaway to go with it-what do you think?

Have you been in the decorating spirit lately?