The kids are finally out of school and I love when they are home. No having to drag them out of bed, kicking and screaming, pretending they are sick, and fighting the school traffic. I will never give in to year round school. Those parents that vote for that should have to clean the men’s bathroom in a smelly gym for a month for even suggesting it.

Yay for summer!

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The other great thing about summer is that the daycare families start taking their vacations-YES! I love my little daycare buddies, but when the daycare is quiet because half are vacationing, I’m in heaven!

So, when I found out that three kids would be gone this week, I was all like, whaaaat? I did two flips off the couch and did my embarrass-my-kids-hula-dance.

Sleeping in. Less lunches to make. Less school papers to do. More snacks for me (hee, hee).

Less kids benefits the other children still here as well, because we get to do things that we wouldn’t normally be able to do, since there are too many of us. This means mini field trips in the car, more expensive crafts, and more one-on-one fun.

Today, we are going to the park for a picnic. Since there will be only four of us, we might even stop for ice cream afterwards.

I better not make it too fun, or the kids won’t want the other kids to come back!