I found some fairy/gnome door craft photos on Pinterest and thought they were so adorable. I thought I would jump on the wagon and make gnomes our theme for craft day.

fairy door

I wanted to find some books on Gnomes for the kids and found these cute books:

gnomes by will


We talked about how we were going to have each child make their own door to bring home and we would make one for the daycare so we could check and see if a gnome was going to move in. They were easy to make using colored popsicle sticks and using Gorilla Glue to keep them stuck together.

gnome door

We used odds and ends for decorations, like buttons and beads.



We put Emily’s pretty door on the tree the kids picked and made a little walkway out of rocks for any gnome that might want to move in.

fairy door

I’m going to have to think of something to put out so the kids will think they had a visitor. This will be fun!