I am happy to announce that we’ve signed up with ABCMouse.com as part of our preschool learning activities.



I was IMMEDIATELY impressed with this program! You can navigate around the website very easily. So far, the children have been happy with all the site has to offer. I have ages three and four using the site and they want to do on it every day.

Here is a little breakdown of what ABCmouse.com is about:

  • For ages 2-6
  • 450 lessons
  • 3000 learning activities

The lessons are broken down into 6 levels.  Each level includes 4 Subjects: Reading, Math, The World Around Us and Art & Colors.  Don’t worry about the kids getting bored, because they are constantly adding new games and activities to the site’s curriculum.

The kids love the rewards system they have and I thnk that keeps them active as well.  When they finish an activity or lesson, they earn tickets.  They can spend the tickets in the “shopping center”.  The shopping center has a pet store and a clothes store.

I encourage our daycare parents to sign up as well to continue their child’s learning at home!

Have you tried ABCMouse.com yet?