Get ready for summer!  I can’t believe that it’s going to be summer. This year has flown by so fast so far!  With a rocky spring, I’m ready for crafts that can be done outside if needed. There are three fun summer crafts I do yearly and the kids just love to do them!

Flower Toilet Paper Roll Craft

Toilet Paper Roll Flower
MaterialsEmpty toilet paper rolls, brown construction paper, black construction paper, bright tempura paint, green tempura paint, green pipe cleaner, sponge cut into the shape of a leaf.

Instructions: Cut out flower pots shapes from brown construction paper. Have the children glue a flower pot shape onto the bottom of a piece of black construction paper. Show children how to dip a slightly flattened toilet paper roll into paint and stamp it onto the paper in order to create “petals” in a circle (a flower design).  Have children use a green pipe cleaner for a stem. Dip the sponge in green paint and stamp on to create leaves.

Ice Cube Ice Cream Art

ice cube painting
ice cube paint

Find instructions here.
Pop Bottle Firefly

Materials:One 20 ounce green plastic soda bottle, empty and cleaned out (label removed)

  • One glow stick
  • Three 12 inch pipe cleaners in green or black, for the legs
  • One 12 inch pipe cleaner in gold, silver, or black (for the antennae)
  • Two yellow pony beads (for the eyes)
  • Construction paper or card stock (for thorax and wings)
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Black paint
  • Clear tape

Instructions: Begin this pop bottle craft by cleaning out a green 20 ounce soda bottle. Remove the label by soaking it for awhile in warm water. Wash well and allow it to dry completely. Twist three 12 inch green or black pipe cleaners around the middle of the bottle. Give them a twist to secure, and then bend them to look like legs. Cut a rectangle of construction paper or card stock to wrap around the pop bottle. Don’t have it wrap completely. Cut the rectangle slightly smaller so it ends where the legs show . Fold another piece of construction paper or card stock in half. Cut a wing-like shape, using the fold to create mirror images of the wings. Glue these on top of the firefly’ body to secure.Paint the bottle cap black and allow it to dry. Screw the cap on the firefly. Glue two yellow pony beads to the sides of it, to be the lightning bug’s eyes. HINT: Make sure to screw the cap on first before you glue on the eyes, otherwise they eyes may not be in the right position. Then, wrap a 12 inch gold pipe cleaner around the neck of the bottle, twist to secure, and curl the ends to be the lightning bug’s antennae. (photo and instructions from