One of the biggest responsibilities for providers is making sure that the children we care for will be provided with nutritious meals. So, to make sure that you provide the right foods, you should put together a meal plan.
Healthy Meal Planning Daycare

General guideline for planning a daycare meal:

-Find out what your state licensing requires for a daily meal.

-Make sure none of the children has a peanut allergy.

– Plan your meals according to the seasons for fresh fruits and vegetables.

How to stay in budget for your meal planning:

– Buy generic food items.

– Stock up on items such as peanut butter that have long shelf life.

– Look for sales.

– Shop at discount food stores, such as Aldis.

Bonus tips:

Make meal time fun time. Let kids help with preparing meals and teach them about each food item. Use fun shape cookie cutters to make fun sandwiches.