Letting a child do artwork and crafts may not sound like a learning experience, but it is a big one! It teaches fine motor skills and helps to prepare for writing and even reading. So, how often should you offer craft/art projects for your daycare kids?

It’s different for each daycare provider. Some believe in doing some kind of little project every day. Others like to once a week. Still others maybe once a month they have an entire day devoted to art. There really isn’t a right or wrong amount. It all just depends on your schedule, budget, or beliefs.
Thinking on the parents end, you might want to limit them to at least one or two times a week. Why? Because sometimes parents may become overwhelmed at so much art that it might not get as appreciated as it would if singled out. Too many projects might tend to get tossed or lost  due to having too many to keep track of.

Here are some alternative ideas to do to limit too many “art stuff” going home:

Deliver once a month. Another method to help parents is to keep all projects for the month and send them home at the end of the month for parent and child to take time to go over in the evening. This promotes bonding and makes the child feel special.

Leave some art at the daycare. If you want to do daily art, take photos of the children painting or drawing and send them to the parents. They will enjoy seeing their child having fun with art without having another waterpaint art to put in the drawer.

Let them play with Play Doh. Art doesn’t have to be a permanant result. If you love to do “art”, get out the play doh and let them create.

Just keep it there. Kids love seeing their artwork on display. Instead of sending home a painting, hang it up on your wall for them to come see it every day. It would also be a marketing tool for getting potential parents visiting your daycare to sign up when they see you do lots of different activities daily.

Art is magical and fun and a great learning tool for kids!