3 days potty training

Have you heard about Potty training in three days?  How about Potty  Train in a Weekend!  Yes, it really can be done. I use this method for our daycare kids. The parents love it because it saves on diapers and cuts down on the time to train them.

I cant get my child potty trained

There really isn’t anything special about it, it is just consistency and a lot of time involved in the training (well, for those three days).

Some parents feel like they will get it when they are ready. I think that it’s a fact of life and why not just get it done with?  It is easier and I knew that the kids could do it, and they did. Why have your kids sit around in their own soiled pants for any longer than they have to? So give your child the gift of early training!

How does this potty train work?

I think that each child has a time when they are ready to be trained.  Look for these signs around 16-20 months.

What signs?

  • Watching you go to the bathroom
  • Pretending to go to the bathroom on the potty
  • Interested in body parts
  • Having a dry diaper for more than an hour

What do you need? 

You need a training toilet (My RECOMMENDED TRAINING TOILET-LOVE IT!!).

Potty Train in a Weekend. It is full of so much advice (broken down into more details) and from other moms. It is 70+ pages of everything you need to know to potty train in three days, plus coupon codes for free offers.
Check it out here: Potty Train in a Weekend.