Today I wanted to give you some basic tips before you start training:  10 things you should never do when potty training a child.

Start when they aren’t ready.

Every child is different and will be ready when they are. You can’t rush them.

Start before a new child is due or a big event.

Most parents have the thought that it would be nice to have the older sibling trained before the next one comes. Or, before a move to a new home. This is too overwhelming for them and will set them back.

Not being prepared.

Make sure you have all your supplies before starting.  Toilet paper, extra sheets, extra clothes, etc. for your training.

Not being consistent

If you are going to do this,  stick to it.  It’s not going to be easy, but well worth it!

Not Be okay with “things happen”

Your child may get sick one of the days you are training-just let it go and start again.

Be too perfect

You don’t want to ruin their confidence. Just praise them for trying.

Expect dry nights too soon

You can let it happen naturally, but make sure you do days first.

Expect them to tell you every time

They may not tell you every time and that’s normal “kid mode”.

Take them out too much during the training phrase.

It is confusing for them and hard.  They are trying to learn a new routine here and you don’t want to put too many barriers in the way.

Go into this without knowing how you want to train them.

I have always use my Potty Train in a Weekend method, but even if you aren’t up for that, you need to have a game plan.

10 things not to do when potty training

Be patient and have success!

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