potty training at night

First off – do not worry!

It is very common for night time training to be last. Most preschoolers aren’t toilet trained at night until age three or four.

When to start

You’ll know when the right time is to start.Your little one will start acting like they want to be trained. Taking their night time diaper off when wet. Getting them onboard is the key to all potty training success.

The other sign is that their diapers are dry or nearly dry for several nights in a week. That means they’ve got the physical maturity to go a whole night without pottying.

How to prepare

It is probably wise to get a mattress protector.  Being relaxed about accidents-this is the key. It’s a good idea to have a pile of sheets and any spare duvets, blankets, towels etc by their bedroom door to minimize frantic night-time searches through cupboards.

Cut back on evening drinks. It can be a good idea to have the last drink with water. Put a potty by the bed and make sure there’s a nightlight on so they can find their potty.

What to expect

It’s pretty likely you will have a week or two of wet sheets – sometimes more than one a night. In fact it’s not uncommon for five and six-year-olds to wet the bed regularly.

At the beginning if they’ve managed to stay dry, praise them but don’t hype the whole thing up too much or they might feel pressure to not wet the bed.

Reward Chart

A reward chart can be a good idea if you want results. Try giving a sticker when they have a dry night.

Read about how to specifically potty train them in a weekend (there is a full chapter on night-training). There are three main things that we stress about, that will all (usually) get better with time: potty training, sleeping and eating. There are things that you can do to encourage your child with all of these things, but don’t become too worried… time will be your best friend.