Here are some pretty Mother’s Day flowers with a twist – it’s a Mother’s Day Paper Flower Bouquet!

Perfect for the little ones to make a gift for mom, grandma or any of the other special mothers in their lives.

Here are 10 different Mother’s Day Paper Flower Craft Ideas:


A cute little paper craft from


A bit advanced, but a great idea for older kids!



1. Cut a 6.5″ circle out of cardboard. use a bowl and pen to trace a circle on the cardstock and then cut it out with scissors.

2. Use your paper trimmer to cut your colorful paper into rectangles. Cut all pieces of paper into 4.25″ x 5.5″, which is basically an 8.5×11 into fourths.

3. Then roll your pieces of paper into cone shape with a point in the center of one end and use a small dot of glue to hold in place. If you have kids helping you, I very highly recommend using a low temperature glue gun. Glue gun burns are not fun!

4. Then start gluing the first layer of cones all the way around the edge of the cardboard circle. The next layer  glue the cones around a little inside of the outer layer, without cutting or trimming them. For the third layer, trim off about 2-3″ off the cone before gluing them on. And then for the center, cut off the tips of the cones and glue them into the center of the flower.

photo 2

These paper flowers are great for any spring project too.


All moms would love these adorable flowers from the heart.


Loving how these Mother’s Day paper flowers are on a fence!


These dyed coffee filter flowers are so colorful and pretty.


Loving using egg cartons recycled as Mother’s Day flowers.


This is an alternative to traditional paper flowers in a basket-very cool!


Give a paper flower “garden” to the moms.


Find a use for your old corks with this beautiful paper flower creation.