Cost is a big factor for parents when deciding whether to send their child to daycare or not. Iowa’s childcare rates have risen over the years. Here is a survey results done by

Iowa Child Care Center Rates

Infants (usually up to age 2): As of 2008, most centers’ rates fall between $183.00-$232.00 per week.  The average center is currently charging around $200.00 per week.
Toddlers (age 2 up to 3): The typical range for two year olds is $163.00-$206.00 with most centers charging around $175.00/week.

3-4 year olds:  The range for 3-4 year olds is $149.00-$200.00 with most centers charging around $165.00.
5 year olds: The range for 5 year olds is $149.00-$190.00 with most centers charging around $155.00.
Enrollment fee:  The typical enrollment fee for one child for one year in Iowa was $50.00.

2nd Child Discount:  Additional children are typically given a 5-10% discount after you pay full price for your youngest child.  However, some daycares did not offer any discount.

Late Tuition Fees:  Some daycares charged a $10.00-$15.00/day late fee until tuition is paid while others were more lenient and charged a flat fee regardless of how late the payment was.

Late Pickup Fees:  Most daycares charge a fee if you are late picking up your child.  Usually the fee is $1.00/minute you are late although some daycares charge you a flat fee or give you a grace period.

Iowa Child Care Home Rates

You may expect to pay anywhere from $110.00/wk per child on up to $150.00/wk or more with most home daycares charging around $125.00/wk.

At Tea Time Daycare, we are still under the norm at $95 per week! 

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