D o you hate the constant battle at meal time with your picky toddler? Stop the arguing about what’s for dinner and start serving healthy foods that they’ll love!

25 meal ideas for toddlers

Don’t beg your child to eat healthy food. Don’t give in to unhealthy fast food! It’s not worth it-believe me, I’ve been there and done that.

It sure isn’t an easy thing, but getting your picky toddler to eat your home cooked meals, but it can be done. You can make a healthy meal for them that they will like.

Here are 25 toddler meal ideas that your child will not push away!

Toddler Meal Ideas

1. Nachos

Nachos as a meal? Yes! This recipe gives your child both protein and vegetables.

2. Mashed Potato with Sausage, Gravy, and Steamed Vegetables

This one is easy! Remember to offer lots of veggies, aim for half a plate.

3. Banana Pancakes

Bananas are an easy food to give a child, so this recipe may go over well.

4. Homemade Chicken Nuggets

Chicken nuggets seem to be kids favorite meal. They are a perfect finger food that they can dip into their favorite sauce. Try making homemade chicken nuggets so you can avoid the harmful ingredients in fast food chicken nuggets.

5. Pita Pizza

Use a whole-wheat pita bread + pizza sauce + shredded cheese and warm it up in the oven at 325 F for only 6 mins. Presto! Instant pizza!

6. Hummus Wrap

Spread hummus on a tortilla and roll up or fold. Add some sliced carrots if they will eat it.

7. Quinoa Blueberry Pancakes

Make some healthy quinoa pancakes and either cooked blueberries in the waffles, or have on the side. You could even make a fruit bowl and include other fruits.


8. Kid Fried Rice

Just take fully cooked rice, add shredded cooked carrots, scrambled eggs and soy sauce and mix together. 

9. Fruit +Veggies and String Cheese

Just putting all the good stuff on a plate works just fine.

Offer a dip to make it fun like:

  • Salad dressing
  • Whipped cream

10. Scrambled Eggs and Fresh Fruit

Scrambled eggs are an easy meal for toddlers. Add some fresh fruit for variety.

11. Almond Butter and Bananas Toast

Think Elvis! Almond butter and banana is a great combination and a fun breakfast meal that toddlers enjoy.

12. Pasta with Parmesan Cheese and Roasted Vegetables

Roasted vegetables are simple. Just chuck them in the oven with some olive oil sprinkled on top. Serve over pasta.

13. Yogurt, Granola, and Fresh Fruit

Yogurt by itself thats not loaded with sugar might not appeal to a toddler. Top it with granola and fruit to make it tasty.

14. Hummus and Carrots

I’ve found that kids really like hummus. Make it yourself for a healthy version so you know whats in it.

Try this 5-minute humus recipe .


Yep. I said broccoli. Just mix them in a food processor (I love this brand) and form into a tater tot form and bake up. They reheat in minutes!



Simple rice and beans will satisfy your toddler’s belly. Make a big batch of rice and pair it with canned beans and warm up whenever you need it. Freeze the rest for later.

17. Macaroni and Cheese and Veggies

What kid doesn’t like Mac n Chs? Make it homemade and mix some veggies in it and they won’t even know.

18. Smoothies

We love smoothies! It’s the best way to get in veggies and fruits. Use an alternative milk like coconut milk.

Smoothies are great for any meal.

19. Nut Butter and Jelly Sandwiches

Use the nut butter of your choice and maybe even make your own healthier jelly! 🙂

20. Grilled Cheese and Turkey

Make an old fashion grilled cheese and add turkey lunch meat.

meals ideas for toddlers

21. Fruit and Pretzels

Offer fruit and pretzels for a simple meal.

22. Cheese Pizza Rolls

Try these spinach mini pizza rolls that are fun and bite sized.

23. Quinoa with Peas

For the vegetarian, this recipe will do!

24. Simple Pizza

Pizza is an easy way to get a picky toddler to eat. Just take whole grain pita bread, tomato sauce, cheese and pinto or black beans.

25. Waffle with Ricotta Cheese

Yes! Try it and be surprised that your child will love it.

Deliciously Deceptive: Simple Secrets to Get Your Kids Eating Good Food

This is a great this book!

If that wasn’t enough recipes, this book gives you a ton more toddler meal ideas. Jessica Seinfeld will make your life easier when it comes to feeding your little one.

I love that she uses healthy recipes that your toddler won’t even know they are eating!

Yes, they are going to taste that good.


Bonus Tips to Deal With Picky Eaters

  • Hide foods that they won’t eat. This works well with smoothies!
  • Give them a choice between two things you WANT them to have.  Like, “Would you like peas or carrots for dinner?”
  • Prepare foods differently. Sometimes they’ll eat it only when cooked a certain way (carrots must be steamed and not cooked in soup)
  • Let your child help prepare their meal.  All ages of kids feel more connected to our food when we prepare it themselves.