Sometimes, I get stuck feeding the kids in daycare breakfast, even though I don’t include it as a meal that I offer during the day. Mainly, because kids are coming every hour, so it’s hard to feed them all at once. But, it happens that I’ll get asked if I mind serving breakfast when the parent is running late.

When this happens, I make something easy and light so all the kids can have too. After all, you can’t just feed one child and not the rest, right?

Smoothies work great since I always have frozen fruit on hand and  you can throw them together fast.  It works for a quick snack for everyone as well.

Any fruit combo works well together, I think so at least. Just let the kids decide what fruit they want and put two cups to in the blender (make sure fruit goes in first always because it will blend better if it’s closer to blade.

Add two cups of Greek yogurt to the blender and two tablespoons of honey for sweetness. Blend until fruit is chopped up and smooth.

Add some whole fruit and chocolate chips for topping.

That’s it!

Makes six cups.

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