DIY Sprinkler

I’ve been going on Pinterest to find some creative ways to stay cool during our outdoor play time.  I found this DIY sprinkler and thought it would be fun for the kids.


The older kids helped put this together.  I had to laugh, because we aren’t pop drinkers, so when I went to get an empty two liter, I realized that we had none! I had to call around to find someone who had one. Luckily, my mom did.

We had to experiment with keeping it up in the tree because we found that as soon as the water rushed in, it would fall. We finally figured out that you need to hold it until it fills up a bit, then it stays. The kids said it was like a shower head, and they took turns standing under it.

Sprinkler made from pop bottle

Easy to make:

1. Poke holes on each of the bottle “bumps” on the bottom of an empty plastic pop bottle.

2. Attach to hose with duck tape, or you can buy two male connectors from hardware store.

3. Throw over a branch, or something sturdy to hold hose.

4. Turn on water and have fun!

DIY Sprinkler


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