Why potty training girls is HARDER than potty training boys

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I’ve said this many times…potty training boys is harder than potty training girls, but lately I think that potty training girls is harder than potty training boys.


When it came time to potty train several of the girls in three days, I realized that the girls were harder then potty training the boys.


girls are harder to potty train

1.  When little girls are potty training, it seems to just trickles down their legs.  Boys make it obvious that they are peeing.

2. Boys pee is much louder so you can catch them easier. This makes using the weekend method much easier.  Girls are more silent-argh!

3. Boys get upset,  but girls seem to get VERY upset. Not sure why…
4. Girls can be more stubborn with potty training.

5.  Girls are more picky about just about everything. They may not like the downstairs toilet and refuse to go, thus causing an accident.

 Overall- potty training can be a stressful task whether they are a boy or girl. But, if you hang in there, they will get the hang of it and after that first couple of peeing in the potty with whatever method you use, they will be on their way to wearing underwear!


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