Potty training boys sitting or standing

Today we are talking about Potty Training Boys.

I just trained two little boys. Their parents were so happy to not have to buy training pants anymore and worry about messes.

stand or sit

Many people wonder this:  SIT OR STAND?

I prefer to train sitting down.

I believe in this way because I’ve had more success this way. The main reason is because they could not reach the potty without my help and this way they could become independent potty users. And let’s face it, there’s less mess!

Here’s four reasons to train sitting down:

1. It’s Less of a Mess

Many moms swear by potty training in sitting mode, mostly because they don’t want to be wiping up messes.

2.  If Mom teaches

When mom is the role model for potty training, the logical solution is to teach your son to sit down.

3. Standing Can Be Distractive

Another good reason to teach potty training sitting downis that it helps boys be more focused about learning to use the toilet. If they are standing, they get distracted by everything from the window to the floor and pee goes everywhere their eyes do.

4. It’s Easier When You’re Away from Home

Often when your little one stands up, it often results in not only a mess, but also in him wetting his pants. So if in a public bathroom this could be a diseaster.


A great resource that I use for our daycare with great success is this book:

I cant get my child potty trained



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