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Best Potty Training Toilet

Today I  wanted to talk about which toilet I consider to be the best potty training toilet for children. Picking the right toilet is an important part of potty training. Preparing for toilet training is an important step in preparing to toilet-train your child because it can make things easier or harder for your child.  It will get(…)


 Spring is here! We’ve been making lots of fun spring crafts already! Here are some fun spring crafts for daycare providers to use. 10 SPRING CRAFTS Paper Birds — Birds are a big spring craft to do. Happy Cloud and Rainbow Craft :: Meet the Dubiens Paper Pinwheels – Pinwheels are so fun to make! Spring Flower Playdough – Play dough is(…)


We love to make our own ice cream! We make ice cream weekly and the kids say it’s their favorite dessert. Make up some from one of these delious ice cream recipes. 10 AWESOME ICE CREAM RECIPES 1. Lemonade as ice cream? Wow! via I Heart Nap Time 2. Every child loves Cookie Monster– make it ice cream! via Frugal Coupon Living 3.(…)

20 FUN DIY PIGGY BANKS For Daycare Project

The kids love learning about money and saving. DIY Piggy banks are a great way for kids to learn about saving. When they fill up piggy banks with spare change, it’s so exciting for them. After they are filled to the top, you can  head to the bank and open up a savings account for them to(…)

Potty training in three days (ages 18 months and up)

Have you heard about Potty training in three days?  How about Potty  Train in a Weekend!  Yes, it really can be done. I use this method for our daycare kids. The parents love it because it saves on diapers and cuts down on the time to train them. There really isn’t anything special about it, it(…)

Potty training boys sitting or standing

Today we are talking about Potty Training Boys. I just trained two little boys. Their parents were so happy to not have to buy training pants anymore and worry about messes. Many people wonder this:  SIT OR STAND? I prefer to train sitting down. I believe in this way because I’ve had more success this way.(…)

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