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Out Of The Mouth of Grandchildren

My grandchildren talking to their mom. Mom: “It’s Mother’s  Day, where’s my breakfast in bed?” Zach: “I can’t cook, so cook it yourself.” Avrie: “You are the mom, you cook it.” Mom: “We need a bigger house.” Zach: “Yep.” Mom: “Will you buy me one?” Zach: “I’m sorry, but I left my dollar in my(…)

Rainy Weekend

I was looking forward to a three day weekend of cookouts, working outside in the backyard, and going to the farmers market. Of course, it rained. Instead, we spent the last day of the holiday weekend sucking all the water that got in our basement. Yuck. Since I wasn’t able to go outside, I took(…)

French Shortbread Cookies

When the crazy late in the season snow storms finally stopped, I was excited to have nice weather so we could start our outside activities. Unfortunately, the rain has stopped our outside adventures once more. So, when we are stuck inside yet still. a favorite thing we like to do is bake. Baking teaches while being(…)

Father’s Day Craft Idea: Pinterest Inspired

I feel like Mother’s Day was just yesterday! Now, we have Father’s Day coming up fast.  We will be working on our handmade gifts next week (photos coming!). In the meantime, here are some awesome ideas via Pinterest: Nuts About Daddy From Some What Simple Walk along side me From Create Craft Love Father’s Day(…)

Educational Freebies

  Free Pond Printable Pack: Download a free Pond Printable Pack, from 3 Dinosaurs. You get patterns, matching games, puzzles, math pages,a frog life cycle, and more fun. Free Sample Book:  Sign up for the free newsletter from Academic Success for All Learners, and you’ll receive a free sample book from the Reading for All Learners Color(…)

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