Daily Crazy

Pinterest Inspired Playroom Ideas

We are trying to get our house ready to put up for sale. I was thinking of redoing our playroom to look more “chic” then “school like”. I was looking on pinterest, (of course) and found some cool room ideas for inspiration. Love the brightness of this room. Vintage will do!   Would love this(…)

Spring Pics

We got a late start, but we finally got our spring photos taken!   Some of the smiling faces. Please let me know if you would like to purchase extra prints. : )

first week of summer-awesome!

The kids are finally out of school and I love when they are home. No having to drag them out of bed, kicking and screaming, pretending they are sick, and fighting the school traffic. I will never give in to year round school. Those parents that vote for that should have to clean the men’s(…)

Out Of The Mouth of Grandchildren

My grandchildren talking to their mom. Mom: “It’s Mother’s  Day, where’s my breakfast in bed?” Zach: “I can’t cook, so cook it yourself.” Avrie: “You are the mom, you cook it.” Mom: “We need a bigger house.” Zach: “Yep.” Mom: “Will you buy me one?” Zach: “I’m sorry, but I left my dollar in my(…)

Rainy Weekend

I was looking forward to a three day weekend of cookouts, working outside in the backyard, and going to the farmers market. Of course, it rained. Instead, we spent the last day of the holiday weekend sucking all the water that got in our basement. Yuck. Since I wasn’t able to go outside, I took(…)

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