Kid Recipes

25 Toddler Meal Ideas for the Picky Eater

D o you hate the constant battle at meal time with your picky toddler? Stop the arguing about what’s for dinner and start serving healthy foods that they’ll love!   Don’t beg your child to eat healthy food. Don’t give in to unhealthy fast food! It’s not worth it-believe me, I’ve been there and done that.(…)

Healthy smoothies to reduce sickness spreading in Home daycare

According to the latest CDC Report, flu is widespread across the states. The common cold is wide spread as well and as most know, daycares and schools are breeding grounds for sickness. Only because kids are just being “kids”. Wiping noses with hands and not covering mouthes when sneezing spreads germs. There are ways to help(…)

hostess cupcake copycat

I’ve been in the mood for icy treats lately. The warm weather and not wanting to heat up the house probably has a lot to do with that. I have some awesome ice pop recipes coming to the blog shortly. I just have to take the time to take some photos before we eat them. They are just so(…)

Healthy Smoothie For Kids

Sometimes, I get stuck feeding the kids in daycare breakfast, even though I don’t include it as a meal that I offer during the day. Mainly, because kids are coming every hour, so it’s hard to feed them all at once. But, it happens that I’ll get asked if I mind serving breakfast when the(…)

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