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Best Potty Training Toilet

Today I  wanted to talk about which toilet I consider to be the best potty training toilet for children. Picking the right toilet is an important part of potty training. Preparing for toilet training is an important step in preparing to toilet-train your child because it can make things easier or harder for your child.  It will get(…)

Potty training in three days (ages 18 months and up)

Have you heard about Potty training in three days?  How about Potty  Train in a Weekend!  Yes, it really can be done. I use this method for our daycare kids. The parents love it because it saves on diapers and cuts down on the time to train them. There really isn’t anything special about it, it(…)

Potty training boys sitting or standing

Today we are talking about Potty Training Boys. I just trained two little boys. Their parents were so happy to not have to buy training pants anymore and worry about messes. Many people wonder this:  SIT OR STAND? I prefer to train sitting down. I believe in this way because I’ve had more success this way.(…)

10 things you should never do when potty training a child

Today I wanted to give you some basic tips before you start training:  10 things you should never do when potty training a child. Start when they aren’t ready. Every child is different and will be ready when they are. You can’t rush them. Start before a new child is due or a big event. Most parents(…)

Why potty training girls is HARDER than potty training boys

This post contains affiliate links. I’ve said this many times…potty training boys is harder than potty training girls, but lately I think that potty training girls is harder than potty training boys. Why? When it came time to potty train several of the girls in three days, I realized that the girls were harder then potty training the(…)

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