Why potty training girls is HARDER than potty training boys

This post contains affiliate links. I’ve said this many times…potty training boys is harder than potty training girls, but lately I think that potty training girls is harder than potty training boys. Why? When it came time to potty train several of the girls in three days, I realized that the girls were harder then potty training the(…)

To Work or Not to Work…

Every mother has asked herself this question at one time or another. Being a mom is tough, whether you work full time outside the home or stay home with the kids, it’s not an easy task. Some moms choose to work, others sacrifice to stay home on one income. And then, some moms are the(…)

Feed Your Family Organic Food Cheaper

  I love getting packages in the mail. I love organic. I love getting organic cheaper. That’s why I love, love, love Thrive Market! If you read my review post, you know that Thrive Market is like a Cosco membership site, but with organic wholesome food.  Thrive Market offers a wide (and fast growing!) selection of wholesome,(…)


First off – do not worry! It is very common for night time training to be last. Most preschoolers aren’t toilet trained at night until age three or four. When to start You’ll know when the right time is to start.Your little one will start acting like they want to be trained. Taking their night(…)

5 Questions to Help with Daycare Transitions

Here is a list of questions/answers that will help keep your strategy and goals in mind when making any major decison: What is your primary motivation for considering a change? (ex: more education for your child? Social growth opportunities? Stability? etc.) What is the most important thing to you? (ex: variety of learning? Smaller setting? Potty Training?)(…)

Three Summer Crafts for Preschool

Get ready for summer!  I can’t believe that it’s going to be summer. This year has flown by so fast so far!  With a rocky spring, I’m ready for crafts that can be done outside if needed. There are three fun summer crafts I do yearly and the kids just love to do them! Flower Toilet(…)

How to raise your daycare rates

Like most other daycares, I’ve had raised my rates over the years. With the rising cost of living, it has to be done.  Parents may not like it, and sometimes you might lose a family in the process. Handling this process can be difficult and stressful, but you should never let a parent bully you into backing(…)

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