How Our Preschool Runs at Our Daycare

  The years between 2 and 5 are so important for knowledge. This is the time when much of your child’s interests and temperament are being developed. They are also developing skills that they can use in school. So, that’s why we do preschool activities! How does our weekly preschool schedule look? Below is how our(…)

25 Toddler Meal Ideas for the Picky Eater

D o you hate the constant battle at meal time with your picky toddler? Stop the arguing about what’s for dinner and start serving healthy foods that they’ll love!   Don’t beg your child to eat healthy food. Don’t give in to unhealthy fast food! It’s not worth it-believe me, I’ve been there and done that.(…)

Best Daycare in Quad Cities (Bettendorf, Davenport) Iowa

Love lives here. At our daycare, your child will have an opportunity to learn and grow in an environment that is safe and nurturing.  I have been running my daycare for over 15 years and I strive to partner with parents to support their child’s cognitive, physical, language, social, emotional and creative development. Learning Through(…)

Average Daycare Rates in the Quad Cities (Iowa)

  Cost is a big factor for parents when deciding whether to send their child to daycare or not. Iowa’s childcare rates have risen over the years. Here is a survey results done by Iowa Child Care Center Rates Infants (usually up to age 2): As of 2008, most centers’ rates fall between $183.00-$232.00(…)


Here are some pretty Mother’s Day flowers with a twist – it’s a Mother’s Day Paper Flower Bouquet! Perfect for the little ones to make a gift for mom, grandma or any of the other special mothers in their lives. Here are 10 different Mother’s Day Paper Flower Craft Ideas: A cute little paper craft from…)

Childcare questions you ask a Davenport IA provider

When new parents come to our Davenport daycare, they always say they don’t know what to ask me. I know it can be a scary thing to trust a stranger to watch your child and sometimes you might draw a blank as to what to ask your potential provider. I’ve put together a list of(…)

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